Grocery Stores

A Cost Reductive Process to delivery management with maximum efficiency!

Angariium Helps you in 6 steps

Import delivery data effortlessly

Import Delivery Locations & Data In Dispatcher Panel And Via:

  • API integration
  • Excel Files
  • Manually

Optimize Delivery Plan Via Smart Routing

Angariium route optimization considers:

  • Delivery Deadline & Time Window
  • Delivery/Fleet Capacity
  • Delivery Locations

to prepare optimized routes to assign to drivers.

Connect to 3rd-party Delivery Services

Expand Your Delivery Capacity And Range In A Blink Of An Eye.

Based On your Delivery Capacity, You Can Assign Some/All The Optimized Routes To 3rd Parties Like DoorDash, And Uber Eats Through Integrations. 

Compare Multiple Delivery Partners’ Prices To Find The Best 3rd Party Partner.

Let's Deliver

If you assign routes to your drivers, They can check out Delivery Details And Data in Angariium Driver App.

They Also Can Find The Fastest Way To Every Customer’s Location. They don’t miss out any detail in the delivery process anymore, a way to perfect delivery

Easy Management and Tracking

No Need For Several Softwares And Accounts.

You Can Manage All Of Your Deliveries, Whether It Assigned To Your Driver Or 3rd Party Driver,  In One Dashboard.

Learn From Yourself

Various Reports Provided By Angariium Leads You To Data-Driven Improvement.

Your Driver’s Performance, Outsourced Delivery Costs, And SLAs reports Enable You To Make a Balance Between Your Delivery Costs & Service.

Why Angariium Delivery Management is a better option?

We are here to make delivery, your leverage


in-house and out-source delivery all together

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Easy and Fast

Designed to Manage Instant Delivery

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we make sure you are befnefiting from software

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All of the Features you Need for  Perfect Deliveries

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What is Angariium product & services?

Full package to make delivery profitable

management dashboard

  • Dispatch management
  • Delivery ETA with Autoapdate
  • Delivery planner & route optimization
  • Live Tracking map with tracking reports
  • Delivery assignment
  • User-friendly

Driver App

  • Deliveries List and details
  • Background GPS Tracking
  • Auto update & Notifications
  • Especial Driver Route Optimizer
  • POD (Proof of Delivery like Picture, E-signature, Verification Code)
  • Performance report
  • User-friendly Android App

3rd party Delivery integration

  • Pre Built API with DoorDash, Uber Eats
  • Customized integration with your 3rd party Delivery
  • Comparing Delivery services’ prices and ETA
  • Outsourced delivery’s cost & performance report
  • 3rd party driver Tracking on map

Manager App

  • Daily statistics and delivery overview
  • Driver Tracking map
  • Delivery detailed report
  • Drivers report

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Angariium is a Intelligent Software for carefree, Smart, Simple and Easy Fleet Management and Delivery Process

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