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On July 5, 1994, in a garage in Bellevue, Washington, 30-year-old Jeff Bezos founded the company Amazon. The company was initially just an online bookstore that grew to become the world’s largest online retailer in less than 30 years. Amazon now has more than 1.5 million employees, which share 45% of the e-commerce market in the United States, and according to statistics, almost 1 in 3 Americans has a Prime Membership.

One of the main reasons for Amazon’s success in the e-commerce industry is the amazon delivery system and company’s regular, accurate and efficient processes in the last mile delivery and logistics field. In this article, we decided to take a look at Amazon’s delivery system and learn about the different types of delivery of this company.

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Amazon Delivery System; the combination of tech and responsibility 

Amazon’s delivery system, along with its professional customer service team, is one of the main reasons for the company’s progress. By January 2020, 11.4% of Amazon online orders were delayed. this statistic shows a stable structure, hard-working people, and optimal processes. As Amazon said on its website:

Our fulfillment network comprises state-of-the-art technology and various building types and sizes to support processing orders. Still, our people genuinely bring the magic of Amazon to life for our customers.

But what parts does this unique part consist of?


Amazon Fulfillment Center

Amazon has hundreds of centers and facilities around the world to meet its customers’ needs.

The Amazon fulfillment Center comprises the latest technologies in the world, along with hard-working people who try to deliver orders to customers efficiently. Amazon has an 800,000-square-foot Sortable Fulfillment Center that handles customers’ picking, packing, and shipping.


The center focuses on retail products such as books, toys, and home appliances. One of the interesting points of this center is its robots, which give this center a fresh spirit.

There is also a Non-sortable fulfillment in which larger products or bulk orders are picked, packaged, and shipped.

Sortation centers, receive centers for customer support, Specialty for exceptional cases, and Delivery stations are other Amazon fulfillment centers.

Amazon Air 

Amazon Air is part of the Amazon Delivery System, designed for one-day delivery for prime members. The steps in this Amazon processing center are as follows:

1- Amazon trailer arrives at the airport: This trailer carries over 2,000 boxes and parcels for prime members.

2- After unloading these shipments, these products will be sorted and sent to the next section.

amazon air

3- Packing containers: In this section, packages go into containers known as Unit Load Devices (ULD). Each ULD can hold more than hundreds of packages.

4- loading: At this stage, the packages go into the Amazon aircraft, each of which can accommodate more than 30 ULD.

5- On the Way: The product will be delivered to you the next day with the take-off.

Last-Mile Delivery

Another part of Amazon’s delivery system is last-mile delivery. This section includes a set of drivers, experts in this field, and various teams that all work to meet customers’ needs. In addition to delivering goods to Amazon customers, Amazon’s Last-Mile Delivery Team also helps businesses with deliveries expand their business.

In 2009, when the world was not yet familiar with the concept of fast delivery, which exists in our world today, Amazon introduced the idea of same-day delivery. This type of delivery existed for Amazon until 2013, and different cities and states could benefit from this type of delivery.

amazon last mile delivery

In 2013, Amazon executives decided to expand their last-mile delivery division. That’s why Operation Dragon Boat and Amazon Prime Air were introduced.

It was a year later that Amazon needed delivery management software. In 2014, the company bought 25% stakes in two shipping companies, Yodel and Colis Privé.

Then in 2015, Amazon Prime now launched. A project that created 58 delivery hubs across the United States for 1 to 2-hour deliveries.

Read About Amazon Prime Now Here

A year later, Amazon bought Colis Privé Company for the delivery management system.

In 2018, Amazon Logistics was introduced. A big step toward reducing fulfillment and delivery costs on Amazon.

Of course, Amazon’s growth never stopped; Free One-Day Deliveries And the Amazon Robotics Program are other end-of-mile delivery plans for Amazon that were introduced in 2019 and 2020, respectively, and are still in development.

amazon prime

Prime Air

In 2020, at the MARS conference, Amazon unveiled its new technology and delivery and announced that it was approaching its dream of delivering to customers by insiders.

Read more about Prime Air here.

Early versions of Amazon Delivery can fly more than 15 miles and deliver packages of less than 5 pounds (2.26 kg) in less than 30 minutes.

Amazon Scout

In 2020, Amazon, following its curiosity, announced the news of its new technology, Amazon Scott. Scott is Amazon’s last-mile delivery robot designed to deliver packages to customers using autonomous delivery devices safely.



According to statistics, in September 2019, about 150.6 million mobile users had access to the Amazon mobile app, compared to the monthly users of Walmart (Amazon’s direct competitor), which is approximately 76.45 million; You can see the popularity of Amazon around the world. Even if this statistic does not convince you about Amazon’s popularity, a statistic from the website was published in 2019, which showed that about 89% of Amazon buyers are willing to buy from this website again. In general, we can say what we like and what we do not like; Amazon tops the list of online retail stores and has gained this popularity by providing the right services, hard work, and meeting customers’ needs.

One of the most important parts of Amazon is its delivery and logistics. Amazon Delivery is made up of state-of-the-art technology and, along with hard-working and capable people, has created a magical mix. Amazon delivery system from various sections such as Amazon Fulfillment Center, one of the most advanced fulfillment centers in the world, amazon air for Prime members, last-mile delivery, and Prime Air.


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