If you read “What is Qcommerce?” Post, you should know that Qcommerce is the fast and instant version of ecommerce. According to the statistics, customers’ behavior is changing, and their demand for deliveries is expanding. Because of that, they don’t want to wait for their packages for more than one day. All of this shows us why we should care about Qcommerce.

Quick ecommerce

Quick ecommerce or Qcommerce is the next generation of eCommerce that is all about speed. In qcommerce, customers can expect delivery about 1 hour after placing an order. Because of this short timeline, Qcommerse usually works in small deliveries. For example, grocery shopping.

Implementing the qcommerce in business is challenging. You have to set up an online ordering service, agile delivery team, delivery management software, and intelligent warehousing system.

Angariium Delivery Management Software helps you manage your deliveries and delivery team perfectly, optimizing your processes and experience agile and intelligent management.

Benefits of qcommerce

Implement qcommerce in your business helps you:


As we said before, quick ecommerce is all about speed. Unlike ecommerce, in Qcommerce, you have to deliver to your customers delivery in less than 1 hour. This time in eCommerce is variable, sometimes less than two days or less than one week or month for some businesses. Because of this, you must optimize your processes, and If you can’t deliver at this time, you will lose the customer.

quick ecommerce

A competitive Unique Selling Proposition

Using qcommerce provides you a unique selling proposition (UPS). UPS is the marketing strategy of informing customers about how the product is superior to its competitors. Qcommerce helps you fulfill your customers’ expectations about fast delivery, which is your advantage.

Perfect Customer experience

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

Customers’ expectations have changed. As we mentioned before, they don’t want to wait for deliveries for more than one day, and if you run quick delivery (less than 2 hours), you can increase your customers’ happiness and Loyalty.

The potential for more significant margins

According to Deloitte, during Covid, half of the shoppers pay extra to To get whatever they need quickly. Even after covid, retailers and qcommerce businesses can expect extra cash for on-demand delivery.


Qcommerce businesses guarantee the products are available any time of the day, and it’s suitable for customers because they are comfortable with the inventory of the goods they want.

24-hour operation

Qcommerce companies have 24h operations. Because of their speed and availability, they service customers 24 h a day.



Qcommerce or Quick eCommerce is the next generation of eCommerce, all about speed. The concept of qcommerce is based on customers’ behavior and expectation. In qcommerce businesses, shoppers can expect the delivery less than 1 hour after placing an order. By implementing qcommerce, you will have speed in your process, competitor UPS, Loyal and Happy customers, and 24 h operation.

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