you should use delivery management software if you are in these industries

In the past few years, last mile delivery has become popular among businesses, and many companies use this technology to manage their deliveries. The market value of last mile delivery management software from 2020 to 2021 is 50 percent growth,...

delivery management platform

What is Delivery management platform?

If you have a grocery store or a business with an active delivery department, you need a Delivery management platform for an innovative, intelligent, and agile management experience. With delivery management, by providing features such as real-time courier tracking, complete...

Delviery management

Same Day Delivery vs On Demand; What’s the difference

If you have a business with delivery; You must have heard the name same day delivery and on demand delivery. Often people do not distinguish between these two types of delivery and confuse them with each other, but as we...

proof of delivery

Everything you must know about proof of delivery

Your customers are everything. All of your strategies and plans depend on customers’ satisfaction. Proof of delivery or POD is one of the features you should have for your customers. It is a delivery receipt that confirms that the customers...

ecommerce delivery

How does Ecommerce delivery management software help eCommerce businesses? 5 Benefit

We live in the age of technology. Customers’ expectation has changed and they don’t want to wait for their packages. In this situation, you have to make difference to survive. Delivery management is one of the sections you can optimize...

Delivery management software

10 features you should look for in delivery management software

Buying the best delivery management software may be a hard choice. there are lots of delivery management software with many essential features that help businesses like you. But how can we find what is the best software for us? In...

restaurant delivery management

Why Do Restaurants need Restaurant Delivery Management System?

In the past few years, food delivery services have increased in restaurants & most of them are going to create or improve this kind of service. After Covid-19 Pandemic delivery industry has had significant growth & this made consumer expectations...

delivery management system

What is Geofence Role in Delivery Management System and Why We Should Use That?

Delivery Management Systems is one of the essential softwares for any business that has the delivery. this software has many features and Any of these features solve business problems and make work easier. Because of that, knowing all the features...


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