Delviery management

Same Day Delivery vs On Demand; What’s the difference

If you have a business with delivery; You must have heard the name same day delivery and on demand delivery. Often people do not distinguish between these two types of delivery and confuse them with each other, but as we...

Contactless delivery

Contactless Delivery; Meaning, Benefits and Implementing

Contactless delivery is one of the newest delivery methods in the world. I’m not afraid to tell the covid is one of the most game-changing events that ever happened to us. This evil, unfortunately, killed over 6 Million people and divided...

on demand delivery

On demand delivery; everything you should know

Probably you hear the expression on demand delivery. On demand delivery means when customers purchase something online, they can choose when and where the product is deliver. In the covid 19 era, people are more likely to shop online from...

grocery delivery management

Why do grocery stores need a grocery delivery management software?

We all know that today’s customers have different needs & expectations rather than a few years ago. As the most important thing for businesses is to gain loyal, happy customers, businesses have to improve their service quality & there is...

delivery management

Last mile delivery global market: Complete guide for delivery managers 2022 (Global Report + Analytics)

People as consumers have changed their shopping habits & behaviors during last 2 years. Covid-19 had a significant impact on how people shop, with more online shopping and even more last mile delivery. Quarantine rules forced people to trust and...

same day delivery

What is same day delivery? Benefits, Challenges and how to offer

same day delivery or same day shipping is when customers order something from an online shop, they receive that order less than 24 hours after ordering. On a delightful Friday morning, you and your friends decide to go camping on...

ecommerce delivery

Last mile delivery challenges for Ecommerce

We all see the recent growth of the eCommerce industry, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. ECommerce has grown into a $3.88 trillion global market in 2020 & according to insider intelligence we expect US eCommerce sales will cross $1 trillion...

last mile delivery

Last mile delivery, everything you have to know

What is last mile delivery and why is important? 15.05 billion deliveries are completed in worldwide 2020. 55% of customers in the US prefer same day delivery to another arrival option and in same day delivery, 58% of customers don’t...

last mile delivery management

Why we should Optimized our fleet delivery management? + 5 benefits of doing that

According to elogii, in 2020, 15.05 billion home packages have been delivered to customers worldwide. This statistic, which has a good improvement over last year, shows the growth of businesses and online stores during the Covid. This growth, which will...


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