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What is Q-commerce Trend, and How Does E-commerce transform into it?

you probably heard about Q-commerce. Quick commerce or Q-Commerce is the fast and instant version of E-commerce. In Q-Commerce, everything from customer order placement to home delivery happen in less than 2 hours. We already told you about what QCommerce...


Benefits of Qcommerce

If you read “What is Qcommerce?” Post, you should know that Qcommerce is the fast and instant version of ecommerce. According to the statistics, customers’ behavior is changing, and their demand for deliveries is expanding. Because of that, they don’t...


What is Qcommerce?

Everything is changing. Customers’ expectations, technologies, and our lifestyle. Nowadays, customers don’t want to wait more than one day to receive their orders from online shops. When they order online from a restaurant, grocery, and fresh food delivery, they expect...


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