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Contactless delivery is one of the newest delivery methods in the world. I’m not afraid to tell the covid is one of the most game-changing events that ever happened to us. This evil, unfortunately, killed over 6 Million people and divided our world into post-Covid and pre-Covid.

The delivery industry, like other businesses, took effect of covid, and even in the post covid era, we can see this effect on the delivery industry. After Covid, many people prefer online shopping to regular shopping. Nowadays, people sit on their chairs with their pajamas and order everything they want, from fast food to groceries. This situation changes the delivery industry, and it will create new delivery methods. One of the latest delivery types is contactless delivery.

What is contactless delivery?

In covid time, governments implemented strict social distancing regulations. These rules almost make delivery impossible, so this is how contactless delivery was born. In contactless delivery, people place an order in online shops, and delivery men leave their order at the doorstep. Then he informs customers about their arrival with software.

Contactless delivery benefits

Digital payments:

With contactless delivery, all payments will be in digital payments. Digitalization will help decrease environmental problems and help things work so more accessible and straightforward.

Increase brand loyalty:

With this delivery method, customers will be comfortable so that they may shop again from your business, and if you have a high service level, your customers’ happiness will increase.

contacless delivery management

All Digital:

In the next few years, everything is going to be digital. Contactless delivery will make this happen to the delivery industry as fast as possible.

How to offer contactless delivery?

You need proof of delivery, an agile delivery fleet, optimized processes, and a brilliant managing style for offering contactless delivery to your customers.

Proof of delivery:

As we said before, in contactless delivery, your delivery man leaves the customer’s order at the doorstep, so your driver and customers never meet each other. So to prevent conflict, you have to prepare a proof of delivery. Proof of delivery is a receipt that tells you and your customers the goods received correctly. This feature helps customers verify that they received their order correctly. Businesses can also use POD to track the delivery and ensure delivery success.

Agile delivery fleet:

Your drivers and delivery fleet should be fast and agile to deliver more orders to your customers and increase customers’ happiness.

Optimize processes:

You need to have an optimized process for contactless delivery or other methods. Optimize processes help you decide better and make a more intelligent decision.

How to have it all?

With Angariium. Yes, you can have proof of delivery, an agile delivery fleet, optimized delivery, and an intelligent managing style all in one software.

You can see our demo here:


Contactless delivery


Contactless delivery is a type of delivery the delivery man and customer have no contact with each other. This method was born in the covid era because of government rules. Contactless delivery will digitalize payments, make digital transformation easy for the delivery industry and increase brand loyalty and customers’ happiness. Even after the Covid era, you can offer contactless delivery to consumers, but you need proof of delivery, an agile delivery fleet, optimized delivery, and an intelligent managing style.

Angariium is a simple and intelligent last-mile delivery management software that helps you manage your fleet and delivery process without any doubt. Using Angariium, you have easy access to every feature you need for your managers. Intelligent features in Angarrium help you experience agile management. You can easily see our demo and test Angariium software by clicking the below button.

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