customer satisfaction

Customers are the main treasure of any business. E-commerce in our world tries to provide services at the highest possible level by applying different methods, derived from the results obtained from experience, tests, and psychological methods of customer behavior.
Customer satisfaction is also very important in the delivery of goods, because in this part you and your business will have direct physical contact with your customers, and if you cannot satisfy customers at this stage, you will face many problems.
As we said in the last mile delivery challenges Post, the challenges of delivering goods to customers can be divided into the following categories:

  • Same day delivery
  • customer expectations
  • Return of the sent goods
  • route optimization
  • high costs

stay with us and Let’s find out ways to increase customer satisfaction in delivery.

choose delivery time by the customer

delivery in e-commerce is done in two ways: On-Demand delivery and Time Window delivery. For example, fast-moving consumer goods stores – FMCG – and restaurants deliver customer orders on-demand, and most online stores deliver customer orders within a time window.

One of the solutions that can be done to increase customer satisfaction in the time window delivery is to choose the time frame of order delivery by the customer. For example, many people who make online purchases are working during the week and often find the last days of the week more suitable for receiving their orders.

customer satisfaction in delivery
By doing this, in addition to satisfying the customer and encouraging them to buy again, you also reduce the costs of sending goods, such as gasoline consumption. Because when the customer’s order is sent and the customer is not present at the place, in addition to wasting time, it also causes cost and fuel consumption.

Send tracking SMS to the customer

Order tracking by sending a tracking SMS to the customer is one of the important ways to increase customer satisfaction in delivery. This feature allows the customer to monitor the courier’s route online using the tracking link in the text of the SMS and to be aware of the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of his order.

Improving the process of sending goods

Solving the basic challenges and problems in the process of sending goods and improving the Last Mile Delivery is also one of the most important methods of increasing customer satisfaction in delivery. The higher the quality and speed of sending the customer’s order, the higher the customer’s satisfaction with online shopping.

Drivers Management

A strong database of information, work status, and activity of drivers is a good solution for the targeted management of drivers. A suitable database for managing drivers can include information such as:

  • Driver profile
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly working hours
  • Distances traveled
  • Fuel consumption per driver
  • points of each customer to the driver
  • Salary received by each driver

customer satisfaction
Data analysis

Smart routing plays a key role in reducing Last-Mile Delivery and supply chain costs. The potential of this feature, along with real-time data and information, makes a good combination to reduce and manage costs in the Last Mile Delivery.
Using analytical reports and having information such as:

  • Number of daily, weekly, and monthly orders
  • Heat map of drivers’ activity
  • Chart of peak order hours


To increase customer satisfaction in e-commerce businesses, it is necessary to understand customer needs and provide comprehensive solutions accordingly. One of the most important points in the field of increasing customer satisfaction that we need to pay attention to is the continuous improvement of the product delivery process, from the time the customer registers the order to the time it is delivered to the customer’s place.

Gradual improvements and the use of smart technology and infrastructure for this is a smart investment in the direction of managing and reducing costs and increasing productivity and, naturally, increasing customer satisfaction.

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