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If you have a grocery store or a business with an active delivery department, you need a Delivery management platform for an innovative, intelligent, and agile management experience. With delivery management, by providing features such as real-time courier tracking, complete reports, and smart order allocation, you can have complete control over the delivery processes of your business.

In this article, we decide to get to know the Delivery management platform.

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Why is delivery management critical?

Large organizations and small businesses whose market size exceeds a specific limit are suggested to use in-house delivery and deliver products to customers by their couriers. Delivery management includes activities such as purchasing equipment, maintenance, assignment deliveries to couriers, delivery to customers, managing delivery process, and analysis of all of these.

Since in delivery, you have a direct connection with your customers, and customers are the biggest asset of any business, delivering the order to the customer must be managed appropriately. If this does not happen, it will increase the number of unhappy customers and, as a result, your loss of profit.

Why should we use the Delivery management platform?

Delivery management is one of the difficulties of having an in-house delivery. Managing several couriers and drivers at the same time and assigning their tasks is one of the most challenging tasks that an operation manager has to deal with. On the other hand, the operation manager’s time is limited, and his duties are many, making it one of the priorities of every organization to solve this problem as quickly as possible, using of Delivery management platform as the best solution.

What is a Delivery management platform?

With the delivery management platform, you can:

1- Enter the orders you receive from your customers, sort them and optimize routes

2- After entering the orders, you can assign these orders to your couriers or connect your orders to the outsource delivery services using the Angariium integration feature.

3- Then, your drivers will see the assigned orders on the mobile application and can start their work.

4- After that, you can control their performance, see their live location, and experience innovative management

5- And finally, get complete reports of all your business processes

A delivery management system helps you simplify and optimize the order delivery processes and manage the delivery men’s performance, controlling the status of orders, having accurate and regular reports of delivery status, and informing.

The right Delivery management platform for you

Each business must choose a Delivery management platform based on its needs. There are many delivery management software with many features that make choosing hard. Before choosing delivery management software, you have to look for an essential feature in your chosen software. For example, a simple and intelligent dispatching service is the most necessary feature for businesses like you. You should efficiently dispatch deliveries to your drivers and sort the delivery priority.


Read More: 10 features you should look for in delivery management software.


Angariium is a simple and smart last-mile delivery management software that helps you manage your fleet and delivery process without any doubt. By using Angariium you have easy access to every feature you need for your managers. intelligent features in Angarrium help you experience agile management. You can easily see our demo and test Angariium software by clicking on the below button.

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