In the past few years, last mile delivery has become popular among businesses, and many companies use this technology to manage their deliveries. The market value of last mile delivery management software from 2020 to 2021 is 50 percent growth, and according to research, the value of this market is projected to reach 200,42 billion in 2027.

Despite these statistics, many businesses are hesitant to use delivery management software. In this article, we are trying to get to know the industries where delivery management software will significantly help.

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How Does Delivery management software Help You?

Last mile delivery is so important, and any business must have to take care of this section. Delivery management software (or as some called last-mile delivery management) is an intelligent and efficient solution for last-mile management problems. With the delivery management software, you can:

1- Enter the orders you receive from your customers, sort them and optimize routes

2- After entering the orders, you can assign these orders to your couriers or connect your orders to the outsource delivery services using the Angariium integration feature.

3- Then, your drivers will see the assigned orders on the mobile application and can start their work.

4- After that, you can control their performance, see their live location, and experience intelligent management

5- And finally, get complete reports of all your business processes

Which industries should use delivery management software?

In general, we can say that any business that has a delivery can use in-house delivery and manage its deliveries using delivery management software. But online stores, grocery shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and flower shops are among the most important businesses that should use delivery management software.

grocery delivery management

Grocery shops

As we said, why is grocery delivery management software essential? Based on supermarket news analysis, there will be a 10% growth in grocery eCommerce sales after the Covid pandemic until 2026. On the other hand, more than 70% of consumers cite convenience (77%) and free shipping (72%) as their top reasons to shop online. Over 60 percent of that same group also noted that the time-saving benefits and home delivery were crucial factors in purchasing decisions.

delivery management system helps you simplify and optimize the order delivery processes and manage the delivery men’s performance, controlling the status of orders, having accurate and regular reports of delivery status, and informing.

ecommerce delivery management

Online shops

Customers are the main treasure of any online store.

Correct, on time, best delivery, and reasonable product quality increase customer satisfaction from online stores. Delivery management helps online stores increase their efficiency by optimizing deliveries, reducing fuel consumption, and using the maximum capacity of the fleet.

restaurant delivery management


One of the major problems of restaurants is managing couriers during peak times. It is one of the demands of every restaurant that restaurants can easily and instantly track their couriers, see their stop points and how much they stop and increase the satisfaction of their customers by using SMS tracking to customers.

cannabis delivery

Cannabis delivery

There are many problems in managing the delivery of cannabis, which we mentioned in the article Cannabis Delivery Management. To solve cannabis delivery problems, using delivery management software is necessary. Still, since there are many delivery management software in the market, choosing the most appropriate software for cannabis delivery management is complex. Therefore, when selecting a delivery management software, it is necessary to focus on features such as fleet tracking , SMS tracking, age confirmation, proof of delivery, and integration.


Businesses that have deliveries and use their couriers to deliver goods to customers can use delivery management software. But in certain businesses such as grocery shops, restaurants, online stores, and cannabis deliveries, it is necessary to use delivery management software.

Using the delivery management software, you can allocate your orders to your drivers or outsource delivery services and manage all delivery processes in real-time.


Angariium is a simple and smart last-mile delivery management software that helps you manage your fleet and delivery process without any doubt. By using Angariium you have easy access to every feature you need for your managers. intelligent features in Angarrium help you experience agile management. You can easily see our demo and test Angariium software by clicking on the below button.

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