Delivery Management System

Angariium’s management, planning, tracking and monitoring, and comprehensive reports of the Delivery process reduce costs, increase speed, and productivity.

Cover Your Needs in Delivery Managements

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Supervision and control in delivery management reduces errors and increases the quality of management of drivers and couriers. Angariium allows you to see your drivers on the map while delivering goods and have information such as: routes traveled, time spent and amount of stops, and customers information on the map.


Arranging the delivery of goods to customers and forming a route resulting from the driver’s intentions, reduces gasoline consumption and costs by up to 20% and speeds up the delivery process of your goods. Angariium intelligent algorithm calculates your orders optimally and sometimes even learns from you by calculating the amount of route traffic and distances to the destination!

restaurant delivery management
delivery management software

Proof Of Delivery

Document the delivery by receiving an E – signature from the customer and Delivery Verification Code. The ability to upload a photo of the receipt, send documents and receive a signature from the customer, will ensure that the goods reach the customer

Predictive ETAs

Customers are your king. Increase your customers’ satisfaction by sending the order tracking link to the customer, the possibility of tracking the courier on the map and information about the estimated delivery time of the goods and the arrival of the courier at the customer’s location.

delivery management software
delivery management system

Auto Assign Missions

The intelligent allocation capability of Angariium software can examine drivers based on predefined parameters and automatically assign the route or destinations of customers to a courier. These parameters such as distance to the customer’s location, and number of shipments can be customized.

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Angariium delivery management features

Route Optimization

Smart optimization algorithm, optimize each driver's route based on customer location, time window, and live traffic data.


drivers could take customers' digital signatures and photos. we record these Documents for each delivery.

Control Tower

manage dispatchers and delivery status and customer satisfaction throw one page. it's like your transportation control tower.

Customer Notification

notifying customers with delivery's ETA based on traffic data. increase your happy customers & empower your brand.


determine each driver's permitted area to work. get reports based on areas & drivers use deliveries assigning based on areas.

Complete Reporting

review deliverymen performance, customer happiness, delivery statuses to have a complete, detailed picture of your deliverys

Easy on-Boarding

724 Support and Fast and Easy On Boarding  ‌ ‌ ‌‌


Receive email notifications such as mission driver start, Delivery Status, and emergency alerts


Connect Angariium to your other App and Systems and experience smart management.

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