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simple and easiest way for your Grocery Delivery and Same day Deliveries

Why Angariium is Best Software for You?

Same Day delivery is difficult. This requires an optimal fleet and couriers, Best processes and agile management. With angariium, in addition to optimizing couriers and reducing costs, easily run  Same Day Delivery to your Grocery Shop and experience Simple, Brilliant and agile management.

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How Angariium Works?

Delivery Mangement software
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It's Affordable & clear

Transparent Plans Tailored to You

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Basic Plan

$0.10 /Task
$0.06 /Task

2000 Tasks / Month

3 Month Payment

Driver Route Optimization (Sorting)

Special Support & Onboarding

Authenticated Delivery

Smart Notification

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Professional Plan

$0.112 /Task
$0.089 /Task

More Than 5000 Tasks / Month

3 Month Payment

Starter Plan Features

Dedicated Account Manager

Video Chat Support

Manager App

Users Access Level Setting

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Best Solution For Your Deliveries

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Delivery Management System

Real-Time Tracking to Manage Deliverymen

Angariium last-mile delivery management software helps you track drivers, know where they were & where they are right now. Use the tracking feature on the admin panel and manager app

Accurate and Real Tracking Data

Angariium delivery management software has an eagle-eye view which provides all vital data from your drivers & fleet. Along with deliverymen’s live location, you have drivers’ daily working timeline to learn about their GPS Status, working status, mobile battery usage, stops, and delays during the day. control your bussiness flow, easy.

delivery tracking
driver tracking

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On-Time Delivery, Happy Customers

more than 70% of online stores customers want same day and on-time delivery. manage dispatcher and deliveries within one page & provide a service your customers deserve.

Dispatching Management Panel

Create a new pick up and/or delivery route, assign smartly, and monitor pickup/delivery status. Angariim’s last-mile delivery management has auto-detection for late delivery based on traffic data, record POD & photo for each delivery in the route.

Angariium is a Intelligent Software for carefree, Smart, Simple and Easy Fleet Management and Delivery Process

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