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Nowadays, we can not ignore the new trends that are around us. If you want to succeed in your career, you have to follow the trends, or you will get behind. Here are the 9 last mile delivery trends you should know of.

Route Optimization

Selecting the most optimized route for the last mile deliveries is critical! When you optimize every route, your drivers can do more tasks, and by that, you increase your company’s productivity and make more money.

Drones and Robots

These high technology bots will reduce delivery time and make your job easier. They are eco-friendly and will not cost as much as a person delivering your products. Major companies like Amazon and Alphabet have already launched their drone delivery systems and expanded their business.

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route optimization

Same-day delivery

As time goes by, the demand for same-day delivery grows more. It is estimated that same-day and instant deliveries will reach 20%-25% of the entire last-mile delivery market by 2025. Many companies are trying to expand their supply chain and warehouses to have same-day delivery and satisfy their customers. According to McKinsey & Company, customers are willing to pay up to 30% more for same-day delivery.

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In-House Last-Mile Deliveries

Many major companies have decided that in-house delivery guys are more beneficial than third-party logistics providers. These companies want to deliver a better service to their customers using the hybrid model, and for that, they need their own delivery men. They are looking to hire local drivers who know the neighborhood and can deliver packages quickly. It is interesting to know that it is also a trend in 2022 to deliver your packages with the help of third-party logistics providers because managing and monitoring the performance of your drivers can be an expensive task.

Delivery management software

In order to have paperless management and avoid the problems mentioned above,  many companies have developed their delivery management software. Having software for your delivery management helps you spend less time managing and improving your drivers’ performance and satisfy your customers.

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Live tracking

We know that fast and safe delivery is what every customer wants, but in the last years, they have been requesting a live track of their packages. With live tracking, the customer knows the package is there when he wants it.

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Great customer experience

ParcelMonitor‘s report highlights that 84% of consumers do not wish to make a second purchase from a brand after one poor delivery experience. In 2022 customer experience is a way to delight your customers. Customers want to know where their package is and when it will arrive. By designing an excellent customer experience, you can very well satisfy your customers.

Mobile warehouse

Many companies have been looking for a way to find new customers. In 2022 drivers are going to sell products too. This new trend has created a Mobile warehousing concept that uses Big Data to predict your customers’ liking of a specific product. Your drivers can sell that product and eventually boost your sales.


In conclusion, any trend can make your business be seen, but If you want to follow one of them, you should make sure that it is possible and beneficial for you, and then it will make your business a better one.

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