last mile delivery

What is last mile delivery and why is important?

15.05 billion deliveries are completed in worldwide 2020. 55% of customers in the US prefer same day delivery to another arrival option and in same day delivery, 58% of customers don’t want to wait more than 40 minutes for their package and the average time of deliveries is 12 minutes.

All of these stats present how important last mile delivery is and why we should take care of it. So be with us and let’s dig deep into last mile delivery.

What is last mile delivery?

From when your customer submits their order on your site to when he/she receive his / her order is the last mile delivery process. Because of the direct connection to the customers, last mile delivery is so important, and whether you have an enterprise business or small online shop, you should know what is last mile delivery is.

Last mile delivery is the last step in the delivery process.

last mile delivery

Last mile delivery problem

Last mile delivery is not easy. Customers’ demands change by year and lately, they don’t like waiting for their orders and also they want free delivery. These terms, will cost you a lot and keep you very busy. So the art of delivery management is managing customers’ needs with what you have.

But this is one of the last mile delivery problems. If this process doesn’t work probably, it may cost 53% of the shipping process and make a bad influence on your business.

Why last mile delivery is important?

By then we find out what is last mile delivery and what is its main problems. but why last mile delivery is so important?

»satisfied customers are not enough. You just need one Raving Fan to succeed, not hundreds and thousands of them. « This phrase is from Ken Blanchard, an American author, business consultant, and motivational speaker. In modern business, customers are everything. If you want to survive, you must do anything for your customers and make them happy. Last mile delivery is an important touchpoint between you and your customers. So this should be Done in the perfect way to increase your customers’ happiness.

How to improve your last mile delivery?

We learn why last mile delivery is so important but how can we optimize and improve our last mile delivery process?

The answer to this question is relevant to your business size. If you have a small business with only 20 deliveries per day, you can use last mile delivery management soft wares to optimize your delivery process, increase your efficiency, and experience agile and smart management. But if you have medium or big business you should:

last mile delivery management

1-     Centralize your logistic

You should use software to see your last mile delivery data such as your inventory capacity, inventory availability, delivery deadlines, drivers’ status, etc. by this, you can work smarter, plan better than before and be productive.

2-     Notify your customers about their delivery status

We tell you about how your customers are important. So you have to notify your customers about their delivery status and where is your driver. You can send a driver tracking link with delivery info for your customers.

3-     Improve your driver communication

One of the most effective ways to improve your last mile delivery is to improve your communication with your drivers. by doing this, your driver will tell you about any conflict in their job and you can consider their concerns in your decision.

4-     Monitor driver performance with Driver tracking:

Your driver performance is so important in last mile delivery process. When you track your drivers, you can observe their performance and make an important decision.

With Angariium’s driver tracking, you will access your drivers’ daily activity timeline that shows you your driver’s Phone Battery, GPS status, total distance traveled, total works hours, etc.

5-     Automate Drive dispatch

In high numbers, you can’t dispatch deliveries to your drivers by yourself. It may cause many mistakes and take your time. But with the delivery management system, you can’t dispatch missions to drivers easily and chill out.

delivery management

Last mile delivery is the process of delivering an order to your customers. From submitting their order to receiving the order from your drivers is last mile delivery process. Because of the direct connection between you and your customer in last mile delivery, it is so important and you should consider improving this section by centralizing your logistic, tracking your driver performance, notifying your customers about their delivery status, and improving communication between you and drivers.

Angariium is a simple and smart last mile delivery management software that helps you manage your fleet and delivery process without any doubt. By using Angariium you have easy access to every feature you need for your managers. intelligent features in Angarrium help you experience agile management. You can easily see our demo and test Angariium software by clicking in bellow button.

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