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One day delivery is an amazing service to offer to customers. If a company cannot do so, it will certainly not fully satisfy its customers. There are concerns for businesses that want to offer one-day delivery to customers, including accurate tracking of courier locations and timely preparation of goods for delivery and use of reliable couriers, and so on. But today there is Delivery Management software that can make delivery simple, accurate, and efficient and customers satisfy.

What are One Day delivery challenges?

Predict the best delivery process

One of the biggest challenges for small and medium businesses in one-day delivery is the difficulty of predicting how many order stocks should be ready. With this forecast, you will have more accurate planning. If a company also has a small number of employees, it will be more difficult to do so without anticipating orders.
Hiring a team to support courier telephones is costly. Using outsourced delivery services can also be expensive, especially for start-ups. Profits from products must be high enough to cover delivery costs. So this is a huge challenge for businesses.

Inventory management

If the inventory system is not regularly updated, buying or ordering new goods will be difficult. For one-day delivery, the number of inventories in the warehouse and shipments must be trackable, this requires that the inventory is constantly updated online. Knowing the status of inventories and warehouses can be done by appropriate software systems.

Hiring Reliable Couriers

For one-day delivery, the business must have reliable couriers who are proficient in delivery methods and needs and can provide appropriate feedback to their manager. Knowing the courier’s behavior while delivering the goods or knowing the live location of the courier in the mission, creates more confidence for the managers. With systems such as Angariium delivery management system designed to manage employees outside the company, you can have complete control over activities outside the drivers’ organization.


instant delivery


On-Time Delivery

Customers expect their shipments to arrive on time. If delivery takes too long, customers may go to another store for the next order. In order not to be rude to the customer, reliable tracking can give customers complete confidence in the timely receipt of their shipments.

Lack of delivery capacity at peak times

During rush hours and peak times, the number of your orders may reach such a level that the number of your drivers will not be able to deliver and manage all these orders. You can connect your restaurant and business to third-party services such as DoorDash and Uber Eats using Angarium’s hybrid delivery management software at these special times.


Same-day delivery or one-day delivery are among the most popular methods of sending goods that are offered to customers by many businesses. Of course, providing these services is not easy and same-day delivery has many challenges, the most important of which are Predicting the best delivery process, Inventory management, Hiring Reliable Couriers, On Time Delivery, and Lack of delivery capacity at peak times. did
Of course, the above items are only a small part of the challenges of delivering goods to customers, which we will discuss in the following articles.

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