Everything is changing. Customers’ expectations, technologies, and our lifestyle. Nowadays, customers don’t want to wait more than one day to receive their orders from online shops. When they order online from a restaurant, grocery, and fresh food delivery, they expect arriving less than 40 – 30 minutes. All these changes are difficult for businesses with delivery. They have to adapt themselves to this new situation and be more agile. After all these changes, a new type of eCommerce was born. Quick commerce or QCommerce is the fast and instant version of ecommerce. In qcommerce, everything is about speed.

What is Qcommerce?

Imagine it’s 8 PM, and you don’t have any material for cooking for dinner. Also, you are lazy to go out shopping. You order something from online grocery and eat your dinner until 9 PM. Welcome to qcommerce. The idea behind ecommerce and qcommerce is similar, and the speed of delivery is the main difference. In qcommerce, customers receive their orders in less than 30 minutes, and the competition between qcommerce companies is in time of delivery.

Qcommerce Evolution started In 2011. Companies like postmates are the first qcommerce businesses. Since 2017, the qcommerce market has been growing fast, and its started to gain scale. In recent years qcommerce has grown fast, and the number of qcommerce businesses is increasing.

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Benefits of QCommerce

1-     Speed:

Qcommerce companies can get goods to customers in less than 60 minutes (or 30 minutes). qcommerce compare to ecommerce businesses with at least one-day shipping is much better. This speed increases customers’ happiness and your profit.

2-     Availability

Qcommerce businesses guarantee the products are available any time of the day, and it’s suitable for customers because they are comfortable with the inventory of the goods they want.

3-     24 h

Qcommerce companies have 24h operations. Because of their speed and availability, they service customers 24 h a day.

Features needed for qcommerce

As we said before, if you have an ecommerce business, you know how hard fast delivery is. So for converting from ecommerce to qcommerce, you need to add some features to your business.

1-     Agile delivery man:

You need your own delivery man for beginning a qcommerce. Your delivery man should be agile and efficient.

2-     Delivery management software

Without good managing, you cant convert to qcommerce. Delivery management software helps you optimize delivery processes, work more efficiently, save some money and time and have everything under your control.

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Qcommerce or quick ecommerce is a new type of ecommerce that get goods to customers in less than 30 minutes. In 2017, many e-commerce decided to convert from ecommerce to qcommerce, and this industry grew fast. Qcommerce companies are fast, work 24 H a day, and guarantee that the products are available at any time. Before changing your ecommerce to qcommerce, you should use your agile delivery men and manage them with technologies and software like a delivery management system.

Angariium is a simple and smart delivery management software that helps qcommerce businesses manage your fleet and delivery process without any doubt. By using Angariium you have easy access to every feature you need for your managers.  You can easily see our demo and test Angariium software by clicking in bellow button.

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