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In the past few years, food delivery services have increased in restaurants & most of them are going to create or improve this kind of service. After Covid-19 Pandemic delivery industry has had significant growth & this made consumer expectations more different so that a high-quality delivery service is one of their important expectations. Customers don’t like delays in their delivery but a reliable restaurant delivery management service enables you to make them loyal. This has had a similar effect on restaurant customers

According to statistics about 60% of American Customers order food every week & restaurants which didn’t offer food delivery, lost about 70% of their customers last year. This has made the quality of food delivery service in restaurants even more important. It’s interesting to know that one-third of consumers expressed that they prefer to pay even more for a faster delivery 

On the other hand, fast delivery for restaurants which have a high number of orders is not that much easy & needs some management tools & an efficient system

The most important step for restaurants to have on time & efficient delivery is to create an effective & optimize Delivery Management System (DMS)

How Delivery management system can help restaurant?

The delivery management system can help you in simplifying and optimizing the order delivery processes and also in managing the delivery men performance, controlling the status of orders, having accurate and regular reports of food delivery status, and informing the delivery time to the customer to increase their satisfaction so that you can have such a successful delivery.

Here are some advantages of a restaurant delivery management system:

1- Deliver to more customers in a shorter time

2- Real-time tracking on order status and delivery drivers’ performance

3- Growth delivery team easier

4- Make customers happy

delivery management

Deliver to more customers in a shorter time:

It means you don’t have to waste your time managing delivery orders & choose which driver to assign. On the other hand, drivers will take the shortest & fastest route based on distance, traffic, etc. that covers all their stops. Therefore they will arrive & return faster, cover more customers & it reduces your late deliveries (How to increase On-Time Delivery KPI?)

Real-time tracking on order status and delivery drivers’ performance

One of the most important challenges for restaurants is to manage their drivers or delivery team in the right way as easily as possible to control their performance & to make sure that they’re doing their best based on some valid exact reports. A delivery management system (DMS) enables you to have real-time tracking on your delivery drivers, get notified of delivery status & notify your customers too. As their GPS is on while they’re using their mobile phone, you can access their routes, their time of arrival (ETA), number of deliveries & number of delays per driver, etc.

Growth delivery team easier

How much time do you spend onboard a new delivery driver? Basically, without a system, it takes a lot of time to add new drivers, onboard them & rely on them. It’s even hard to add a delivery manager too & train their delivery processes. This is what a delivery management system can do for you to conveniently add new drivers or managers & make sure their onboarding is based on a reliable system.

restaurenat delivery

Make customers happy

Loyal customers are the core of your business can make you stronger or drop you down in such a competitive market like restaurant food delivery. You can easily satisfy customers which some features like tracking SMS, verification code, informing customers about ETA, etc.


We now live in an age of on-time delivery expectations. In the last few years, most businesses with delivery services decided to align their processes & systems with market expectations & figured out why a technology-based solution for their delivery process is necessary. The same thing happened in restaurants but there is an important difference; restaurants have to manage OnDemand deliveries in a condition in which time is the basic point. And also, they always gather with hungry people 😊

On the other hand, managing some amount of on-demand deliveries is not that easy to handle manually without any reliable system & that is the reason for implementing DMS.

Angariium is a simple and smart delivery management software that helps you manage your fleet and delivery process without any doubt. By using Angariium you have easy access to every feature you need for your managers. Restaurant delivery management is one of the intelligent features in Angarrium that help you experience agile management. You can easily see our demo and test Angariium software by clicking in bellow button.

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