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If you are the owner of an online store or you deliver a product to a customer, you will surely encounter return order management. Wrong sending of the order, regret of the customer or even requesting replacement of a product by the customer is a small part of returning the order. According to Jungleworks, about 79% of people around the world expect to decide to return the product, pay the costs and return some kind of free product, but only 49% of online stores offer the product to their customers for free.

Important points to know when managing returned orders.

Before managing return orders, we need to review our store or business processes. In most cases, returned problems can be greatly reduced by resolving process issues. The following questions will help you review your processes.

      1- Are your customers satisfied with the way you deliver your orders?

Many returned orders are due to delivery problems. Poor delivery that leads to the breakdown of a product or incorrect delivery of the order to the customer are the main reasons for returning the order. By reviewing the shipping process, you can reduce a large portion of the return.


  1. Have you researched return orders?

By researching the reason why the order is returned, you can find out your biggest problems and optimize the number of your returned orders by examining these cases.

return order

4 tricks for managing returned orders

1- Specify the type of returned orders

Returned orders can be divided into two types, manageable and unmanageable. Manageable orders are those orders that you can prevent from occurring. For example, poor product quality, incorrect delivery of orders, late delivery, improper packaging, and the capture and recording of incorrect information that leads to incorrect shipments are just some of these orders. Unmanageable orders, on the other hand, are orders that are beyond the control of the business and are directly related to the customer. For example, changes in customer interest or wrong choice by the customer are such orders.

With the right management and planning for manageable orders, you can greatly reduce the number of your returned orders. On the other hand, for unmanageable orders, help reduce these orders to a good extent by offering attractive offers or similar items.

2- Analyze the returned orders

Analyzing returned orders will help you discover the real reason for returning the order. This will not only help you identify the type of orders returned, but will also help you identify potential customers who are returning orders for no apparent reason. It also helps you design the right strategy for your customers.

3- Make the rules of returning your goods clear.

As we said at the beginning of this article, a large percentage of customers read the returns section thoroughly before buying from any business. So clarifying the rules, conditions and how to return and return the goods will help not only the customers but also you to better manage this process.

return order management

4- Speed ​​up the process of managing return orders

There is no denying that return orders are an integral part of a business. Speeding up the process of managing return orders to your customers shows that you will pay special attention to them and have a good impact on them.


Planning for return orders and having a sound and accurate process will not only help your brand image, but will also be a competitive advantage for you over your competitors. In this article, we first got acquainted with the reasons for order return and realized that return orders are an integral part of a business. After that, we were introduced to a few questions that will help us optimize the number of these orders, and finally we learned 4 tricks to better manage these orders.


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