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If you have a business with delivery; You must have heard the name same day delivery and on demand delivery. Often people do not distinguish between these two types of delivery and confuse them with each other, but as we said in the articles what is on demand delivery and same day delivery; same day delivery, as its name implies, means delivery on the same day that the order is registered by the customer. On the other hand, on demand delivery is a type of order delivery in which customers can choose their place, time and type of delivery after registering an online order.

In this article, we are going to talk about these two types of deliveries, the difference between them and the most suitable choice for your business.

let’s dig in.

On Demand Delivery

In on demand delivery, when customers purchase online, they can choose when they receive their delivery. Besides the time of delivery, customers can select the method of delivery. On-demand delivery is usually done on the same day, the next day, or up to five days after purchase. The Two main features of on demand delivery are speed and flexibility.

On demand delivery makes your customers feel comfortable about the purchase and choose any time and location they want. on demand delivery helps businesses reach out to more customers. Also, by on demand delivery, you can understand your customers’ behavior and their demands. This enables you to increase your service quality and build brand-customer solid relationships.


Same Day Delivery

same-day delivery is one of the popular delivery options that deliver products to customers less than 24 hours after ordering time. According to the research, 56% of online customers between the age of 18 – 34, expect to have a same day delivery option when they want to purchase. Besides that, 61% of consumers are willing to pay more for the same day delivery. These statistics show us how important same day delivery is.

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What’s the difference?

You have probably noticed the difference between same day delivery and on demand delivery by now. In on demand delivery, you allow your customers to choose the time and place of delivery. This option may include same day delivery, next day delivery, and more. On the other hand, same day delivery, which is mostly used for fresh products such as grocery and fresh food, is a type of delivery in which customers do not have a special choice. They just expect the products they order to arrive in less than a day (24 hours).

What is the best option?

there is no best option. The choice between same day delivery and on demand delivery depends on things like your business processes, the products you offer and the number and type of your fleet. If your product is a fresh product, you need to use the same day delivery. Using on demand delivery, depending on your management and processes, can be a great choice for you. By using on demand delivery, you will put many choices in front of your customers and this will increase the satisfaction among your customers.

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In the delivery industry, the same day delivery and on demand delivery are often confused with each other, while these two types of delivery are very different from each other. On same day delivery, orders will be delivered to customers in less than one day after order registration. While on demand delivery has nothing to do with the time and place of delivery and is just a type of delivery in which the choice of time and place of delivery is done by customers.

Which of these two types of deliveries or even other types of deliveries is right for your business depends on things like the type of processes you have, the type of products you offer, and so on. So you have to choose the best and most suitable option for yourself after reviewing your business.


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