last mile delivery trend

8 Last mile delivery trends in 2022

Nowadays, we can not ignore the new trends that are around us. If you want to succeed in your career, you have to follow the trends, or you will get behind. Here are the 9 last mile delivery trends you...

Delivery management software

10 features you should look for in delivery management software

Buying the best delivery management software may be a hard choice. there are lots of delivery management software with many essential features that help businesses like you. But how can we find what is the best software for us? In...

delivery management system

What is Geofence Role in Delivery Management System and Why We Should Use That?

Delivery Management Systems is one of the essential softwares for any business that has the delivery. this software has many features and Any of these features solve business problems and make work easier. Because of that, knowing all the features...

last mile delivery management

Why we should Optimized our fleet delivery management? + 5 benefits of doing that

According to elogii, in 2020, 15.05 billion home packages have been delivered to customers worldwide. This statistic, which has a good improvement over last year, shows the growth of businesses and online stores during the Covid. This growth, which will...


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