ghost kitchen

What is a ghost kitchen?

You have probably heard the Ghost Kitchen. In the last few years, Ghost Kitchens has become one of the trends in the restaurant industry, and thanks to Covid, Ghost Kitchens is now one of the legal alternatives for restaurants around...

in-house delivery

In-House Delivery or 3rd party delivery service? that is the question

Always one of the main questions in starting a delivery business is choosing between in-House delivery and third-party delivery services. Which method is best for your business depends on several points, and before choosing any method, it is necessary to...

reverse logistic

What is Reverse Logistic? Meaning, Benefits and examples

Reverse logistics is one of the most important parts of the logistics industry, which in the last two decades has become an integral part of businesses due to the expansion and growth of online stores. According to statistics, the value...


Impact of AI in last-mile delivery

Everybody knows that we can’t always stick to the old ways of doing our job. Every day technology is expanding and affecting how we do our job in so many ways. One of them is combining the efficiency of robots...

delivery management

Last mile delivery global market: Complete guide for delivery managers 2022 (Global Report + Analytics)

People as consumers have changed their shopping habits & behaviors during last 2 years. Covid-19 had a significant impact on how people shop, with more online shopping and even more last mile delivery. Quarantine rules forced people to trust and...

last mile delivery trend

8 Last mile delivery trends in 2022

Nowadays, we can not ignore the new trends that are around us. If you want to succeed in your career, you have to follow the trends, or you will get behind. Here are the 9 last mile delivery trends you...

proof of delivery

Everything you must know about proof of delivery

Your customers are everything. All of your strategies and plans depend on customers’ satisfaction. Proof of delivery or POD is one of the features you should have for your customers. It is a delivery receipt that confirms that the customers...

same day delivery

What is same day delivery? Benefits, Challenges and how to offer

same day delivery or same day shipping is when customers order something from an online shop, they receive that order less than 24 hours after ordering. On a delightful Friday morning, you and your friends decide to go camping on...

delivery management system

What is Geofence Role in Delivery Management System and Why We Should Use That?

Delivery Management Systems is one of the essential softwares for any business that has the delivery. this software has many features and Any of these features solve business problems and make work easier. Because of that, knowing all the features...

last mile delivery management

Why we should Optimized our fleet delivery management? + 5 benefits of doing that

According to elogii, in 2020, 15.05 billion home packages have been delivered to customers worldwide. This statistic, which has a good improvement over last year, shows the growth of businesses and online stores during the Covid. This growth, which will...


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