Restaurant Delivery Management

Ultimate guide to restaurant management software

The restaurant industry has been a favorite for tech innovators for decades. From the first automated soda machine in 1921, to the first touch screen computerized ordering system in 2001, it’s clear that the food service industry lends itself well...

ghost kitchen

What is a ghost kitchen?

You have probably heard the Ghost Kitchen. In the last few years, Ghost Kitchens has become one of the trends in the restaurant industry, and thanks to Covid, Ghost Kitchens is now one of the legal alternatives for restaurants around...

Uber Eats; story of the successful child

France, one of the most advanced European countries, has a population of 65 million in 2020, and according to Worldometers, the UK has about 68 million people. Suppose we consider Uber as a country and the number of users as...

you should use delivery management software if you are in these industries

In the past few years, last mile delivery has become popular among businesses, and many companies use this technology to manage their deliveries. The market value of last mile delivery management software from 2020 to 2021 is 50 percent growth,...

restaurant delivery management

Why Do Restaurants need Restaurant Delivery Management System?

In the past few years, food delivery services have increased in restaurants & most of them are going to create or improve this kind of service. After Covid-19 Pandemic delivery industry has had significant growth & this made consumer expectations...


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