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Your customers are everything. All of your strategies and plans depend on customers’ satisfaction. Proof of delivery or POD is one of the features you should have for your customers. It is a delivery receipt that confirms that the customers receive the correct good. There are many types of PODs, but we want to talk about proof of delivery in eCommerce in this post.
So let’s dig into it.

What is proof of delivery?

Proof of delivery is a form of receipt that tells you and your customers the goods received correctly. This feature helps customers verify that they received their order correctly. Businesses can also use POD to track the delivery and ensure delivery success.
Proof of delivery must have the recipient’s address, name, and order description. E Signature, Contactless POD, and Paper invoice are the most popular pod types.

From a long time ago, proof of delivery became one of the essential features in delivery and posting services. In the United States, big companies like UPS, DHL, and FedEx use proof of delivery for their deliveries.

The importance of POD will show in finance and legal exchanges.


proof of delivery

Benefits of proof of delivery


Prevents Customer Disputes

You and your customers are sure about receiving orders by using proof of delivery. This Certainty reduces customers’ Complaints about deliveries and prevents your business from disputes.

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Delighting customers

as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, your precious business asset is your customers. Using a proof of delivery make your customers happy and increases your brand image.

Improve tracking

If you use delivery management software like Angariium, you have all your deliveries statistics in your DMS dashboard. But if you don’t have the proper software, proof of delivery helps you improve your delivery performance tracking.

Electronic proof of delivery

ePOD or Electronic Proof of Delivery is one of the most popular PODs in the delivery industry. ePOD removes all paper works and helps automate documenting of delivery. E-signature, live pictures, and online forums are electronic proof of delivery.

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Contactless proof of delivery (POD)

Contactless proof of delivery became popular during Covid19 and social distancing. Pictures and GPS document delivery and physical signature are no longer required in this method.

Delivery management software

Angariium’s POD

POD is one of the Angariium features that provide you a suitable proof of delivery with signature, driver note, and pictures. When your drivers arrive at the customers’ destination, they can get a signature from the customer or take photos of goods. You can see all of this information in the dispatcher dashboard.


Proof of delivery is documentation that shows the goods arrive correctly to customers. There are many types of POD, the most important of which are ePOD and contactless POD. Proof of delivery helps customers verify they received the order, improves performance tracking, delights your customers, and prevents customer disputes.

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