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you probably heard about Q-commerce. Quick commerce or Q-Commerce is the fast and instant version of E-commerce. In Q-Commerce, everything from customer order placement to home delivery happen in less than 2 hours. We already told you about what QCommerce is and what is its benefits. In this post, we want to explain why Q-commerce is a trend now and how E-commerce can use this trend.

Stay with us, and let’s dig into Q-commerce World.

Why Q-commerce is the new trend?

As we said before, in Q-Commerce industry, everything is about speed. In the Q-commerce world, you can order your dinner’s ingredients at 8 PM, receive them at 9 PM (maximum) and cook your food by 10 PM. Technology advancement makes our life easier and change customers’ expectation. Nowadays, people don’t want to wait more than one day for ordinary products, and they expect to order and receive fresh products like groceries on the same hour or at least on the same day.

All of these reasons create Q-commerce era & you should know it has three main differences from e-commerce:

1-     Speed: in Q-commerce industry, all of the orders have to deliver within 1 or 2 hours after order submission by a customer. This speedy process increases customers’ happiness and also your profit.

2-     Availability:  All businesses have a service time & available hour: as a Q-commerce business you should be available and at customers’ service most of the times. Due to Q-commerce origin (food & grocery market) people use and buy from a q-commerce when they are in hurry and have very little time so companies must guarantee availability on any time of the day. Don’t forget it’s not enough to just be open to sell, you have to have updated inventory database at any time and good inventory level.

3-     Products type: As we know Q-commerce industry started to booming when Covid-19 hit countries across the globe, why? Because of commuting restrictions and quarantine. These new regulations make many problems for people specially when it comes to providing food, grocery and ingredients. These products were necessary for families and it couldn’t be delayed. So new circumstance act like a trigger for customers, to choose faster delivery option. but it is an opportunity for other businesses, especially e-commerce, online shops and stores to expand fast delivery habit to other products like books, electronics etc.


How can E-commerce change into Q-commerce & why?

The Covid changes our life. It changes the way we work, the way we study, and the way we shop. By starting the pandemic, regulators set extreme constraints on Commuting, making regular delivery types more expensive and harder than ever. These rules and customers’ expectations, Caused the quick delivery insane growth. (After Covid, the Q-Commerce industry experienced 20% growth annually)

Everything we said about Q-commerce shows us how vital transforming from E-commerce to Q-commerce is. Your customers are precious, and you have to change your strategies to make them happy & convince them to stay. Also, you are not the only business in the market. Your competitors probably have or will have new delivery option similar to quick delivery like same-day delivery or 3-hour delivery. So if you don’t want to get behind and loose customers, transform to Q-commerce.

How an E-commerce transform into Q-commerce?

When hearing about Q-commerce, many people immediately go for groceries, but it’s not quite right. Competition in Q-commerce has led different businesses to implement quick delivery with other products. Weed and alcohol industry are tow great example of that.

To transform from E-commerce to Q-commerce you have to remember these 2:

  • Quick delivery
  • Quick Warehousing

When we talk about how fast a process could be, you have to consider a big role for software and information technology. Quick warehousing & quick delivery could not be done unless with proper software and tools.


Fleet and Driver:

Your new strategy must include your fleet and drivers because it’s the most expensive type of delivery across all the businesses. Optimizing drivers plan & routes, their vehicle performance allows you to serve as promised service level and control the growing costs.


As we said, Software have a big role in this transformation. You’d better to get familiar with this kind of tools especially in warehousing and delivery management. Start reading about different software and different service that they provide. The best way to get familiar proper tools is browsing software review sites like G2. Product Hunt, etc.

 Read about warehousing Software warehousing here.



Delivery management software helps you increase completed delivery number per driver. It means with same driver number your business could handle more order to deliver with supporting your SLA in the same time. with route optimization & increase happy customers by eliminating late deliveries. Experience a simple and paperless management style. Also, the Accurate Fleet Tracking feature answers questions like Where are your drivers now & where they have been within the day, and How many hours have a delivery men worked?

Angariium is an Easy, simple, and affordable delivery management system that covers all your needs. You can see Our demo (Free of charge) Here.


Changes aren’t easy, they need sprit, perseverance and of course a plan. You need to plan for three things:

1-     Your New management style

As a manager, you must be ready for any new problems, guiding your Drivers and be a leader in middle of changes. So, to transform into Quick commerce, you have to make a plan to manage change process. So many things have to change and it’s overwhelming. You need to have a accurate and precise schedule to prevent mistakes and losing customers.

2-     Marketing and PR to inform your new services

Informing people is essential. If you make changes and add new service but people don’t know abut them, how do you want to attract new customers with your brand new q-commerce? First step of marketing is awareness. Try to aware your current and probable customers throw marketing campaign, affiliate marketing especially public relations.

3-      Tools & equipments

q-commerce is fast, to provide such a speed you need new tools & equipments for wearhousing and delivery. There is a vast type of tools you might needed but it depends on you locations, product type, expected customer service etc.

You can read about quick delivery warehousing here




The QCommerce industry is booming. Covid, with all of its disservices, helps Q-commerce grow with changing customers’ expectations. Quick E commerce has 3 main difference with E commerce. The most important one is about speed. In Q-commerce, businesses must deliver goods to customers within less than 1 hour. The second one is about product types. Before covid, QCommerce was about only fresh products like grocery, fresh food, or products like these, but now, any business can transform from E-commerce to Q-commerce and their customers would love that. And the last difference is availability.

Changing to Q-commerce is necessary because your customers are your most incredible precious, and by transforming, they will be happy. But transforming is not easy. You have to plan your management marketing and warehousing and use software and tools like delivery management tools.


Angariium is a simple and smart last-mile delivery management software that helps you manage your fleet and delivery process without any doubt. By using Angariium you have easy access to every feature you need for your managers. intelligent features in Angarrium help you experience agile management. You can easily see our demo and test Angariium software by clicking on the below button.

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