same day delivery

same day delivery or same day shipping is when customers order something from an online shop, they receive that order less than 24 hours after ordering. On a delightful Friday morning, you and your friends decide to go camping on Saturday but there Is a problem; you don’t have any camping equipment.

So You open your laptop, search about online stores, and order what you need. You expect to get this equipment at least on Saturday morning. If the site you order from has a same day delivery option, you can go camping but if this option isn’t available, you have to be alone on weekend.

Same day delivery

As we said at beginning of this Post, same-day delivery is one of the popular delivery options that deliver products to customers less than 24 hours after ordering time. Some people imagine the day of arriving in same day delivery option must be equal but it’s incorrect. When your customers order something on Monday afternoon, with same day delivery option they receive their order on Tuesday morning.

Why it’s important?

According to the research, 56% of online customers between the age of 18 – 34, expect to have a same day delivery option when they want to purchase. Besides that, 61% of consumers are willing to pay more for the same day delivery. These statistics show us how important same day delivery is.

same day delivery

By offering same-day delivery you will increase your customers’ loyalty and happiness and based on invespcro research, 49 % of shoppers say that same day delivery makes them more likely to shop online.

We talk about the importance of same day delivery but how can you offer this to your customers and what challenges you will face.

Offering same day delivery

First, you need to evaluate your costs and profit. By doing this, you find if you can offer same day delivery or not. After that, you need to check your delivery fleet and the capacity of your delivery section.

Then you need to optimize delivery processes and your management. After doing all of these instructions, you can offer same day delivery to your customers. Don’t forget to get a report on same day deliveries and analyze your performance.

Angariium helps you manage better and optimize your delivery process. See Angariium’s feature.


Same-day delivery is one of the trending delivery methods in the world. On same-day delivery goods get to customers less than 24 hours after they order. According to Statista, The global same day delivery market was valued at $8.68 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $15.6 billion by 2024.

delivery management

Besides this information, offering same-day delivery will increase your customers’ will to purchase, their happiness, and loyalty. After evaluating your delivery fleet capacity, costs, and profit, and optimizing all of your processes, you can offer a same day delivery option to your customers and get your performance report.


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