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We all know that today’s customers have different needs & expectations rather than a few years ago. As the most important thing for businesses is to gain loyal, happy customers, businesses have to improve their service quality & there is no exception for online grocery stores in this case which is related to their grocery delivery management system.

Why is the grocery delivery management system important?

After the Covid-19 pandemic, we experienced considerable growth in online shopping & we expect it to increase each year. Based on supermarketnews analysis, there will be a 10% growth in grocery eCommerce sales after the Covid pandemic till 2026. Based on the morioh’s report, 90% of e-grocery customers are comfortable continuing grocery shopping online after the pandemic.

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Nowadays, there are many options for customers for online shopping. Price, product quality, after-sales services & of course delivery are Important main criteria. So, if your business doesn’t provide different kinds of delivery options, you will lose many potential customers.

On the other hand, a bad experience in the delivery service, which is the last connection between your store and the customer, can remain a negative point in the customer’s mind & probably the customer won’t buy again from your grocery store.

According to Conveyco, more than 70% of consumers cite convenience (77%) and free shipping (72%) as their top reasons to shop online. Over 60 percent of that same group also noted the time-saving benefits and home delivery were crucial factors in making purchasing decisions. (Main Source)

Due to the changing needs and expectations of the customer after the Corona pandemic and the competitive environment in the market, the grocery stores that have the Grocery Delivery Management System were extremely successful.

A delivery management system helps you simplify and optimize the order delivery processes and manage the delivery men’s performance, controlling the status of orders, having accurate and regular reports of delivery status, and informing.

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How can a grocery delivery management system change your business?

With a delivery management system, more orders are processed and delivered in a shorter time, reducing financial, time, and management costs over deliveries. It will increase potential revenue, as well as significantly improve customer satisfaction. This kind of system is time and cost-effective with features like route optimization that can help you with on-demand deliveries.

Here are some reasons why grocery stores need a delivery management software:

Improve Delivery Efficiency ( & reduce delivery cost per order)

It means you don’t have to waste your time managing delivery orders & choose which driver to assign. On the other hand, drivers will take the shortest & fastest route based on distance, traffic, etc., covering all their stops. Therefore, they will arrive & return faster, deliver to more customers & it reduces your late deliveries.

Deliverymen & drivers Performance Monitoring:

One of the most important challenges in the last mile is to manage drivers or delivery teams in the right way as efficiently as possible. Also, control their performance to ensure that they’re doing their best based on accurate reports. A delivery management system (DMS) enables you to have real-time tracking of your delivery drivers, get notified of delivery status & notify your customers, too.

Improve Customer Satisfaction:

Loyal customers are the core of your business and can make you stronger or drop you down in such a competitive market as online grocery delivery. For this reason, you must make sure that shipments are delivered before or at the agreed deadline with no delay & also, you must keep in touch with your customers during this delivery process. You can easily satisfy customers with features like tracking SMS, verification code, informing customers about ETA, etc. 

gerocery delivery

And here are some essential features of a delivery management software that bring you advantages:

  • Last-mile optimization by routing
  • Live tracking of deliveries & drivers
  • Analytics reports for dispatchers & managers
  • Proof of delivery (POD) like signature attachment
  • Sending a delivery tracking link to customers
  • Customers’ feedback gathering


We now live in an age of on-time delivery expectations. In the last few years, online grocery businesses with delivery services aligned their processes with customers’ expectations. They figured out why a technology-based solution like delivery management software is essential for their delivery process. On the other hand, managing some on-demand deliveries is not that easy to handle manually without any reliable system. A grocery delivery system can reduce its costs, improve its efficiency & make its customers delighted & that is the reason for implementing DMS.

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